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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: three tickets match six winning numbers in the record powerball drawing. for the dog pound and our players i'm pleased to introduce hue jackson as the next head coach of the cleveland browns. >> sashi brown. the browns got their guy, hue jackson. >> tia: for the fourth day in a
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here's a live look at the roads. not as bad as yesterday but expect slick roads wherever you travel this morning. give yourself plenty of time and slow down. >> brian: 6:00 now on thursday. it's january 14th. really appreciate you joining us this morning. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. it might be messy on the roads. we're in the single digits this morning. it's freezing out there. let's get to it. meteorologist sam roberts clapping about the forecast this morning. >> bring it on and keep it going, right? no more single digits this morning. you'll be happy to hear that as you step outside. it's still chilly. we have temperatures in the 20s but the wind filing more like the teens, but none of the single digit or subzero windchills out there. that's great news. >> if you travel i-90 west, no
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71, 77 south, we look great, but if you go out towards the snowbelt, once again this morning it's coming down in ashtabula, geauga and lake counties as well. some snow extends to champion to your south and west. in southern trumbull county we have snow, geneva, ashtabula, same spots as yesterday where we were encountering some problems. that i-90 corridor yesterday morning, we had truckers over on the side of the road. they were not wanting to drive in that stuff. so this morning will be another start where we've got issues in the same spots, but later today big improvements as the snow moves out. for most of us it's cold and cloudy out there early on. i show you what's happening on the radar, but does it actually
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our own nichole vrsansky is out in the storm chaser giving you a live look at what to expect on your morning commute. >> nichole: morning. roads are looking good today. that's the good news. we were running back west and east and east and west back and forth on the i-90 corridor in lake county, ashtabula county. ashtabula the worst it. lake, not too bad, inning like yesterday. we're on 91 north in the willoughby lake county area. looking good. the roads are wet. perhaps a little slick, but a far cry from what we saw yesterday when they were snow-covered and there was big issues especially on 90. i'm probably going to head back towards 90 to see how the roads are doing.
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a like for that update coming up. >> laura: the roadways are very wet out east, but we see it all across the area. there's snow everywhere. we all got snow and it has to melt down some eventually. i don't have any accidents out there right now and we're light in traffic. across the area we have 65 miles per hour out in lorraine county in i-90. you see the opposite side with issue far out there on the east side. not so bad for most of the areas. it's the far outlying areas like ashtabula this morning. that's where you run into more issues. conneaut, of course. looks good by the airport and past the steelyard and into downtown. guys.
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the race for the record powerball jackpot has come and gone. >> tia: obviously we didn't win. there are three tickets matching. the winners have not been identified but we do know the winning tickets were sold not here. tennessee, florida and a 7-eleven in chino hills, california right new l.a. >> how do you feel about the winning ticket sold here? >> it's my pleasure. i'm really proud and excited. >> tia: he gets a cut. so i got to figure out what at that cut is. reports say three people in ohio did hit the match for five numbers worth a million bucks. the winning numbers 40, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. so somebody got a million bucks? we got to track these people down. three people got $1 million in ohio. check your tickets. maybe it's me.
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just some of the numbers. >> brian: you got a big job mr. jackson. an thfk introduction for the browns newest head coach, hue jackson. he's 50 years and has 15 years of nfl coaching experience under his belt, one as a head coach of the raiders. he spent a lot of time coaching in the afc north with the ravens and as the offensive coordinator forked cincinnati bengals. the challenge is to do what seven coaches haven't done since 1999, and that's turn this team around. so far it seems jackson is on board with the new regime. >> please trust me. i am going to have an opportunity to work with some of the smartest men in football. i've been in a lot of different
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opportunity in two settings to sit down with two of the brightest minds in football and doing what they do. >> there are a lot of holes to fill in this browns roster starting with the quarterback situation. the browns have the number two pick in the draft. coming up in the next half hour, we hear what coach jackson thinks about johnny football. the browns seem to be happy with the new coach, and why not? cleveland fans, everyone here has an opinion. >> cleveland 19 reporter q. mccray is talking with fans this morning to see what they think. are most fans pleased with the team's decision? >> q.: i tell you what, we're here at steve's diner this morning, and the people i've spoken to seem pretty optimistic. there is one walking around but the rest are okay. have you had a change of heart
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he has really great insight and jokingly said the road to the super bowl is through cleveland. he talked about all the great coaches. we're going to talk buddy. can you make it over here? can you make it over here? this guy is worth talking to. he actually as a kid saw jim brown playing. >> best running back ever. >> q.: things have been bad. he was a huge browns fan as a kid, but then the team starting to go downhill and talk about your point whether when it coming to the road to the super bowl. >> i said this in the diner a million times. cleveland is the best team in the national football league at ruining a quarterback.
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of all the quarterbacks and coaches. super bowl coaches, bill belichick, marty shot hiemer. good one. they come here and they're either not good enough or get pissed and leave and go somewhere else and win a super bowl. >> q.: that being said he is somewhat optimistic about hue jackson, somewhat. >> well, i think he's probably excellent. i don't believe it's one single person. that's the problem. i think -- i've said this before. i think the owner has to hire a general management and head coach and assistant coaches and all that. once that's done, he has to allow them to do their specific job without any of them interfering with the other's job description and it will probably come out our end. >> unfortunately. this could be it. >> god bless him.
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i appreciate it. >> best college football player on the planet. >> tia: all right. he's still talking. maybe you'll get him again. stay with cleveland 19 on eyre, online and on our mobile app for continuing coverage. in 25 minutes former browns player bob golic will join us to give his tame. an emotional day in canton as police in the community say good-bye to jethro the police dog killed in action earlier this week. a service will be held at noon at the civic center. the man who shot the dog is held on $5 million bond. >> brian: a shout-out to shaker heights jordan thaer he's in the top under 30 list. he's a class of 2004 grad and
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he's honored for her management at twitch tv in san francisco. it's a community for video game fanatics. it's big-time stuff. >> tia: yes, it is. >> brian: time is now 6:11. a little bit of snow and still cold although it's a little warmer. >> samantha: windchills in the teens this morning but the actual temperature in the 20s. not bad compared to the last couple of days. we have slick spots on the road not just out to the east but in many locations after days of on again/off again snow. soon the snow goes off again, but we have more on the way this weekend. be careful out there this morning. i'll take you through the weekend forecast when we come back. stay close. >> brian: you need more than a call to aaa when your car is turned into a block of ice by the waters of lake erie .
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>> brian: some tough news for wall street. the asian stock market is down again, which usually translates into a bad day for u.s. stocks. the dow fell 365 points yesterday over fears about the drop in oil prices and china's currency devaluation. >> tia: ohio governor john kasich is back on the main stage for the sixth republican debate tonight in south carolina. the stage has been narrowed to seven candidates.
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cut from the line-up. an update on the infamous ice car parked along lake erie in buffalo, new york. crews finally freed car, completely encased in ice monday morning. they chipped off and melted enough of the ice to actually drag the car onto a tow truck. as you can see, oh, boy, it wasn't an easy process. >> see that on the hood? >> you have 37-mile-per-hour winds when that happened, freezing spray from the lake. so you get that process where all that ice builds up. ridiculous, right? all the more reason to never park right next to the lane. you don't know. at night you get that wind coming in off the lake and it's freezing outside, the moisture. before you know it your car is like an ice sculpture. that was in buffalo, by the way. 28 this morning in cleveland. not bad out there. the last couple of mornings we
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this morning it's so much warmer out there. still chilly with the wind factored it, but it's better than 8, where we were at this time yesterday. dry conditions down 71 and 77. just a few flurries out there. you have to go to the primary snowbelt where the lake-effect snow machine is fired up. northern geauga county, lake, ashtabula south into trumbull county and down into youngstown a little bit of snow. the fowler area and bristol got light snow there. farther for the north, lake county exactly where we were following the yesterday, we had people pulled over, a ton of folks out there had to stop and move to the side of the road just to wait out the storm, and again this morning we have these bands coming in, potentially 1 to 2 inches per hour for your snow rates along i-90 right now. this is where we are painesville up into north perry, madison, please be careful if you're
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this morning. that snow all the way into continuity, ashtabula, jefferson, geneva. not the best driving conditions today. mid to late morning we should be done with the snow, and the rest of us a mostly cloudy day with temperatures topping out in the that's not bad. yesterday our high was 19, so we're warmer today. we stay in the 30s all night. mostly cloud and no rain and tomorrow morning we don't have to deal with the lake-effect like right now. but rain will be an issue commute. it's in the evening late in the day. we have showers moving in and those last friday night. friday night we get cold air coming in, so we see a change-over to snow and the temperatures continue to fall. 33 on saturday, 25 on sunday, and a chance for snow each day.
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through the weekend, so we may have to deal with blowing snow and even on monday still cold. highs on monday like 18 degrees. it's going to be really cold at the start of next week. >> laura: bundle up and heat up the cars on your way to work. we're in the time to heat up the car on the way to work every day, right? out there on the roads this morning, we're moving pretty well all across the map. we have wet roads, so be extra cautious with conditions like that. out in the snowbelt with the snow coming down by the inch, you want to give yourself extra time out the door. this is i-90 at east 22nd coming into downtown. no troubles there. across the map not seeing much in the slowdown department. some typical traffic delays along the steelyard up 71 from the south. chester, want to mention this again for anyone coming in over from the farther east side, maybe university circle. chester is going to be closed
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they have two lanes open westbound and they expect the eastbound lanes to be closed for a few more days while they work to get the main repaired and chester finally back open. i know everyone is excited about that. >> tia: you see the school closures and delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we want to tell you p four county. ashtabula area city school district, ashtabula county board of developmental disabilities, the conneaut area school district and also st. john's school all closed this morning. we want to make sure to tell people about that. time is 6:20. our first alert storm team coverage continues throughout the morning. >> brian: we'll find out why this picture of drug kingpin el
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>> tia: a clothing store in
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his fashion sense, i guess. in a photo of el chapo and sean penn taken during the visit, he was wearing a distinct blue and gray collared shirt that looks like the one you see on the right-hand side of the screen. the shirt is sold at the l.a. store, and the retailer is advertising it as the most wanted shirt selling it for $128. so far it's on back order. i don't know who would want to wear that shirt aside from el chapo. amazon prime members have another reason to renew their membership. amazon has announced prime members now receive a 20% discount when they pre-order newly released video games. they now allow amazon to compete with xbox live and playstation. >> brian: how about your cavaliers, man. they're rolling right along on the road trip. they're 4-0 on the trip so far.
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cavs are in san antonio with the spurs, and like the cavs the spurs are rolling with a record of 34-6. tomorrow night the cavs are in houston with the rockets. browns new head coach has fresh cleveland apparel. you have to believe, hue got to believe that's the slogan. gv art and design came up with this for the team. the shirts hit store shelves this weekend. >> tia: that's cute. hue got to believe. >> brian: listen, browns fans are great and resilient. they will rally around this guy. listen, if this team ever wins football games like the way bob golic, who is standing right over there is going to be on with us won football games in the '80s, the town is on fire when the browns are winning. >> tia: i think it's time. there's a resurgence in cleveland. time is 6:25.
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hue got to believe t-shirt, but bob golic will be here to talk about the hiring of the new browns head coach and sam is tracking a little bit more lake-effect snow out there. >> samantha: yeah, in the some spots as yesterday, guys. if you're in lake, ashtabula, geauga, and trumbull counties, hit me up on social media and let me know what you're seeing. i'm not out there. i see it on the radar and use the science to say what i think is happening. you're actually out in the thick of it. if you have any pictures, tweet me @samrobertswx or hit me up on instagram. same thing there. i will have the full forecast when we come back. >> brian: not the sight you want to see eating breakfast. two restaurant workers are washing their hair on the job.
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what mes trmace dieren o wos: iheal w? wi hea unlike cams d ru that mask the pain, thmaca hasatend he
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to incree ciulatn an aclera heang. let'revi: heat, pl relf, ps heing, equals theacar
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>> brian: new this morning, three people's lives won't be the same. three tickets from three states hit all six numbers in last night's record-setting powerball jackpot. >> tia: there's a new sheriff in town. the new era with browns football begins with the new head coach, hue jackson. >> brian: we're not done quite yet with the snow. some lake-effect hovering over the snowbelt this morning making another slick ride for some people into work. >> tia: good thursday morning. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. we're talking powerball. bob golic is here to talk about coach. we have that in a couple of minutes. first, we check in with our meteorologist, sam. hey, sam.
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you're just waking up with us, it's 6:30 on the nose, and it's a little chilly out there this morning. i have good news for you. it's not nearly as cold as it has been the last several days. most of us are not seeing any wintery weather. we have no winter weather alerts in northeast ohio. however, there is a little bit of lake-effect out there far northeastern ashtabula county. in fact, now most of northern ashtabula back into lake county. if you're in trumbull county you may have picked up a light dusting from moments ago. that has moved out, but we're still tracking steady snowshowers, geneva, ashtabula, continuity the corridor of 90 here from madison in lake county out to the east into ashtabula. if you run into this early this morning, please go slow. of course, it's still dark outside, and then you've got snow on the roads. you have smoe snow blowing around. be careful.
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by mid to late morning we should be totally done with snow. you want to watch out for snowy roads especially in the snowbelt. any leftover snow on secondary roads across the area, we've picked up snow the last few days almost everywhere, so got to be careful. there might be icy patches and a little freezing drizzle out there, too. i don't think that will be a widespread issue for us, but it could create some slick areas on bridges and overpasses. most of us shouldn't encounter any issues. 24 in worcester and 28 in cleveland. we're headed for the 30s today. won't that feel good after a high of 19 yesterday. now, speaking of the snow and the cold, we want to show you exactly what you can expect on your drive in. you have to be out in it, right, to get to work. nichole vrsansky is in the storm chaser and takes us live to show you what to expect on that drive in. nikki, where are you now?
6:27 am
now on route 2. a little closer to the lake. we're going to head back to 90. i'll take a look at the roads. still looking good and a little wet. there's an odot truck right in front of us still salting the roads. the crews are doing a great job keeping the roads clear and keeping them freshly salted. so the roads are wet east of the city again in ashtabula county, in ashtabula, we're going to head over to 90 and look at the 90 corridor because that was the area hit hard yesterday. there's school closings in this area and we'll check that out in the next half hour. laura, back to you. >> laura: all across the maps this morning and check out where different slowdowns may be. east. right now we have wet roads all the way across the map. that causes you to drive slower and be extra cautious this morning. we don't have accidents reported
6:28 am
this is i-271 at mayfield right now. the local lanes of traffic and also the express lanes all clear of traffic and all clear of issues right now. still see the snow in the middle, and, of course, odot crews are still out there trying to clear off the shoulders as well to make sure there's room for vehicles that need to pull over. across the wide map here, no major issues at all. in akron looks like the same story. if you head up route 8, you shouldn't deal with slowdowns at all right now. guys. >> brian: three people are going to have to split -- i think they'll manage okay -- $1.6 billion in the powerball jackpot. the winners from california, florida and tennessee. >> tia: it's not fair. it was a record-setting jackpot with a record-set be number of small prize winners. more than $270 million in nonjackpot prizes are still out there. here are the winning numbers you need to know this morning. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the
6:29 am
check out the scene in chino hills, california. baby, there was a crowd. it's the only confirmed location for one of the three grand prizewinning powerball tickets. look at the owner of the 7-eleven. >> brian: he's fired up. >> tia: he's ready to go. there's three match five winners in ohio. that ticket is worth $1 million. no word yet on where that ticket was sold, but when we find out, we're share it with you on our cleveland 19 mobile arp. it's like a concert in there. he gets a portion. he has a reason to be fired up. now that the browns have a new head coach, this is another stop story we're following this morning, the next question a lot of fans is what to do with johnny manziel. >> brian: hue jackson has a solid track record with quarterbacks. he tut for tutored joe flacco
6:30 am
has what it takes? first, to be a good teammate and then run the browns offense. >> i need to get in this building and have an opportunity to sit down and watch tape, you know. i don't know johnny personally. i know who he is. at the same time i think i have to give everybody on the football team a fair opportunity to see who they are and truly learn who they are and make decisions from there. >> tia: this is what we're talking about. joining us to talk about the browns new coach is former cleveland brown and "tailgate 19" analyst, bob golic. thanks for being with us this morning. >> a pleasure. >> brian: bright and early for you, mr. golic. let's start with this. we won't get into the xs and os and all that stuff, but the changed. you guys have talked about that on "tailgate 19": is hugh jackson the guy to change this culture and why?
6:31 am
i want to bring the coach in. one guy i liked was matt patricia. one of the reasons is because they called him matte y matty patty and he had a real cool beard and could teach us how to cheat and not get caught. farmer got caught last time. do it without getting caught kind of. when hue came in and i got a chance to see him, the one thing i always talked about on "tailgate "with the with coaches is i wanted somebody like marty. somebody who wore their emotion on their sleeve. you could just see if they were happy or sad or upset. >> brian: not a flatliner. >> nothing like the monotone voice. nothing against the other guys. when i saw hue using more than one tone and joking and jumping into the dog pound, we might
6:32 am
of course, his background, too. obviously, it's not just about being an emotional guy, but certainly has the background. i called mark davis from the raiders. his dad was the owner back when i was there. mark, he said, no, he's a good guy. we just wanted to make a change back then. so they liked him. >> tia: we have hue jackson. what do you think is the next step? >> can't we just rest for a while? >> brian: we need a personnel guy. that's what they have to get done next. >> people have said maybe go personnel or general manager first because the one -- we found out as time went on the one thing that went bad was the fact that pettine and farmer didn't get along. they had different needs, different desires. as long as they get together on this, and i have a feeling that
6:33 am
i have a feeling it might be another quarterback. >> brian: i think you're right, the kid from cal, jerry goff. we'll see. i don't know. >> the idea that he said, well, are you guys really connected to johnny manziel? of course, they said no. and he said, good. >> brian: that's what everybody is reporting. there was a lot of manziel talk in the interview. i don't know how they know, but good for them. it looks like manziel is gone. >> yeah. most teams do that, too. when carson came in i was with the team and met with the defensive line coach. we're going to look at some of your film and see if you fit in. i'm like, what? i'm the starting nose tackle. >> brian: i'm pretty sure i fit in. you fit in pretty well, bob. >> that's a big dude. they want to find something that matches their personality. like i said, hue knows the stuff and a successful offensive coordinator with cincinnati.
6:34 am
good they play. again, i really love the passion that he shows, and i think that's what fans like. >> tia: that's what they want. >> they want to feel the excitement about it again. he's going to be a fan favorite, i think. >> tia: thank you so much for being here with us this morning. >> that's it? i have to go home right now? >> brian: you can hang around and talk to the executive producer. >> tia: now we're live out to q. mccray. q. is at steve's diner in old brooklyn talking to fans about what they think about the new head coach. >> q.: hue jackson is a hun topic of conversation in steve's diner in old brooklyn. samantha, he's a 'vols fan but he's also a browns fan. a long-time fan. what do you think about the hire? >> i'm pretty happy about it, because i think we got a good chance next year.
6:35 am
a true browns fan like i've been all my life from the west side of cleveland here, thank goodness we have a good coach in the making. the team's came along way, and i believe we'll get a good chance to build this year. >> q.: what's your take on johnny manziel? there's rumors going around that one of the stipulations if hue is going to coach here, johnny has to get out of dodge. >> yeah, get out of dodge is a good word for him. no comment on that. i ain't going to comment that. i'd rather not comment on that. >> q.: that's all right. johnny manziel is a touchy subject here this morning in old brooklyn. back to you guys in the studio.
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>> tia: today is the day to let your dog's inner diva out. day today. we're celebrating by sharing pictures of our pets all dressed up. this is jake's dog baylor dressed in flannel. the funny thing about jake, he's worn the same shirt to work almost every day. i think almost every day. this is my little dog wrigley dressed to the nines rocking a sweater. usually he has boots to match. this is laura's dog bailey dressed up and ready to go outside in a cute sweater and boots. here's sam roberts' dog dinky ready for football season. you can share your dressed up pet pictures with us on our
6:38 am
news and use the #wakeup19. >> brian: much to the consternation of the kids, we don't have pets. >> tia: why don't you have a dog? >> brian: i have four kids. >> tia: they want a dog. >> brian: especially the duffy girl wants a dog. >> tia: you're not going to comply? >> tia: i'm sorry. >> brian: we're going to soccer games and basketball games and out of town. it's not fair to leave the dog. >> tia: we'll dog-sit for you. we're right here. they can always borrow wrigley. >> samantha: let's take a look at the forecast. >> tia: it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. >> tia: sorry. >> brian: i'm kidding. >> samantha: onto the weather. cleveland. if you're walking your dog, you
6:39 am
you got to bundle up, maybe throw a sweater on the pooch. tia had her little sweater on wrigley. so cute. laura had the sweater on her dog and the boots, too. i think wrigley also has some boots. you have to protect those little paws because they do get frozen. there's so many horror stories of people leaving their dogs outside and their paws get frozen to the surface they're on. take care of each other and, of course, those pets. it's 28 in cleveland this morning, so it's warmer than the last couple of days. we had single digits and teens a lot this week, but not today. a little warmer. the lake-effect is still out there but it winds down for us. great news here. i-90 through lake county, conditions starting to improve at least based on the radar. still snow around the madison area, and that snow extends into ashtabula, conneaut and north kingsville seeing snowshowers. a moderate clip there.
6:40 am
off through the morning and into the afternoon no problems for our snowbelt communities. most of us won't see any snow today. maybe a flurry or two out there early on. that would be about it. 37 for today. a lot warmer than yesterday, right, when our high was 19. we're going to stay in the 30s tonight. that doesn't usually happen, right? normally the temperature goes down at night, but tonight we stay pretty steady and then we top out around 45 tomorrow afternoon. so we're mostly dry through today besides those snowbelt areas this morning, and then dry tonight. tomorrow we'll have a nice, dry start to the day. by tomorrow afternoon into the evening, the rain chance starts to climb for us. i don't think the even commute will be heavily impacted by this rain. no snow. still want to exercise caution out there. most of the rain should come into the cleveland area tomorrow after the commute is done. if you have friday night plans,
6:41 am
weekend is about to start, be aware you have some rain to deal with, and then through the weekend we've got snow around. every day this weekend into monday a chance for occasional snowshowers and look how cold. oh, monday. good thing a lot of people have the day off, because mondays are tough anyway, right? >> laura: mondays are hard. a tough day to deal with it. it's a doozy out there. in and out is what you do. you go run out straight to the car and then straight to work and back in the house as soon as you get home. like we're talking about with the dogs, these little boots, i got the boots for my little bailey because she was walking through that salt and ice area and she'd pick up a paw and it hurt. i thought the boots would be a good idea. they really walk kind of funny in those boots so they don't go on very often. it feels like we help her out. out there on the roads you fire up the car before you jump in and drive off. it's chilly out there.
6:42 am
the seat warmers as well. across the map no major slowdowns out there and pretty much normal as we head towards rush hour. we watch that carefully, but no reports of any accidents as of yet. guys. >> brian: this story has people everywhere saying gross me out. waffle houseworkers videotape workers washing hair in a cooking pot. it's disgusts. it happened in arkansas. two customers took a video of the workers. one holding the pot of steaming water while the other washed her hair in there. i'll have a plate of waffles, please. he then gets a towel for her to dry off. very gallant of him. both were fired, as they should have been. yes. stop staring now. you can stop staring. >> i'm trying to rationalize why
6:43 am
was she on fire at the time? >> brian: they're doing with people in the store. you shouldn't be doing it at all. there's people in there eating. >> brian: whatever. there's no words here. >> tia: that's ridiculous. time is 6:51. the biggest name in country music is coming back to cleveland, but this time this superstar is playing two shows. >> brian: that's impressive. coming up at 7, comedian cocoa brown will be in the studio. she's at the cleveland improv
6:44 am
you'd love a sneak peek on our i have ahma. omanyiecein m fe. sohen asta sytomseptcomi bac on mlongerm ntro mecine i talked to docr an fod a ssinpiec in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms. eo ifor ults wi asta nowellontrled on lontermsthmcontl medine, liken inled rtictero. breoon'tepla a rcueinhar for suen bathi proems. breopensp aiays hel improvbreaing r a ll 2 hos. br conins typef mecine thatncrees t risof dth fromsthmprobms and may ineasehe rk hostalitionn ildr anddoleents breos nofor oplehose asth is ll ctrold on long-tm asma ctrol mecine like ainhad coicosroid once yr asma iwellcontlled yo docr wi dece ifou can st breand escre a differenasth conol dici, li an halecortosteid. do notake eo me th escred. see ur dtor youasth doesot irover ge wor. ask yo docr if4-ho bre coulbe aissi pie foryou.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> brian: if you're a fan of red the steakhouse, and who isn't, we have great news for you. >> tia: steak and eggs.
6:46 am
at pinecrest. that's a $230 million project in orange village. this is said to replace the old beachwood location and is supposed to open next year. [ music ] >> brian: well, i'm told that cleveland does. the guy is fantastic. luke bryant comes back to northeast ohio next summer, and this does not happen very often. back-to-back concerts two nights at blossom music center, which tells you something about his popularity, august 11th and 12th, tickets go on sale january 29th. of those? >> samantha: i will be there. he sings one of my favorite songs, "rain is a good thing." he's not bad-looking. the rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey.
6:47 am
the last few hours we track snowshowers in the snowbelt. lake and ashtabula counties, this is lifting off towards the northeast. so i would say conditions will continue to improve through the morning. we are tracking moderate snow right now around conneaut. exercise caution throughout your morning drive if you're out there. for most of us today just mostly cloudy and warmer. laura, highs today around 37. not bad. >> laura: that's a warm-up compared to what we're dealing with out there. 480 is not a bad go of it out there. 77 looking smith as it smooth as it moves north this morning. not much of a slowdown. a couple of spots are yellow closer to rush hour there, but no major issues. we're all in the green. of course, out east where you got that snow coming down, you definitely want to take it easier and give yourself extra time on the trip. >> tia: trying to move my stuff
6:48 am
wh we to e store, i fi my boxof hey bunchesof os ani' checngo see i pkaged it. st ceal in the wod right the.
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